Land Owners

Allowing Advertisers on your Land

In order to get the word out to as wide an audience as possible, advertisers need space for their advertising campaigns to live. This is the part where individual landowners in Decentraland may be able to help. By creating a user profile at, you can list what parcels you own, where they are located, and also list any other assets you would like to see advertisers be able to target. Once these assets are in our ad delivery engine, you will receive a code snippet that can used as a texture on your 3d asset. This is the tunnel that allows ad’s to be delivered to your Land/Billboard/building wall/t-shirt…whatever your imagination can come up with.

Our pricing model is going to be based on ad impressions, which means every user who loads the ad in their browser registers one Ad “hit”, and the advertiser is charged accordingly. A percentage of this payout will be deposited into our asset owners Etherium account whenever it reaches a set threshold. In other words, your assets will immediately turn into a reoccurring revenue stream, how much will depend on where your asset lives and what content you allow us to deliver there.

A key concept behind the decentralized atmosphere is that end users can do whatever they wish, and cannot be pushed into allowing a higher authority to usurp control of their belongings. At the DCLAA we are conscious of this fact, and therefore want to ensure any user willing to allow us the right to use there land and/or assets will be compensated appropriately, and will have the final say on the type of content allowed on there property. Any questions or comments should be sent to the site team at


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