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Introducing the DCLAA

The Auction is still ongoing, almost 2 weeks now. A lot of the people who had invested early are voicing concerns in the forums and chat, which are all justified in their own way. The other side to this is with the re-opening of the auction, we have seen the price of some of these initial land parcels shoot to the moon.

My hope is that this is an indication of big investors seeing the potential of this project, and these folks have the resources to make some of our thoughts and dreams a reality. All they need is an easy way to realize a quick profit, which will cement there belief in the long term success of Decentraland, and provide incentive to invest in the developer community associated with it.

In this vein, we have created the Decentraland Advertising Agency.

We hope to create tools that will allow the least technical of us to quickly monetize their investment, by way of allowing advertisers who have agreed to follow certain ad restriction and formatting guidelines, to showcase there product or service on the land parcels being auctioned off currently.

As the Decentraland project, as well as this Advertising initiative, are still in their infancy, we hope to gather opinions, comments, and any other insight our extensive user community may have concerning the future of our Virtual World.

Let us know your thought’s in the comments below.

Wishing good luck to all those who have won land, and Happy Holiday’s to all!


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