The Decentraland Ad Agency grand opening

Welcome to all who wish to make the Decentraland Project as big a success as we know it can be!

In working with the users who have invested mana in their initial land auction wins, we have uncovered a need for managed advertising space to be procured and cultivated for interested Advertisers.

Our mission at the Decentraland Advertising Agency is to be the most competent and trusted agency in the virtual advertising space.We wish to ensure any advertising done in Decentraland are presented appropriately and correctly formatted for whatever locations/landscapes/Virtual Assets our creator friends can come up with.

Our tools will provide a simple way to allow interested advertisers to upload there media, and set what keywords, locations, or type of audiences they wish to entice. With this catalog of targeted media our contributors (those who have granted permission to the Agency to use surfaces on their virtual creations) will be able to realize immediate financial returns on their investments.

Even though the land auction has not come to an end as of yet (I’m anxious to get moving too), I would encourage any interested Advertisers, Land owners, or developers to reach out and let us know where your interest lie’s, if you would like to offer expertise, or if you just wish to make your presence known.

Here’s hoping we are all able to work together to make this project the most successful implementation of block-chain technology ever realized!